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The Life of Jesus
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by David Friedrich Strauss
                                         The Life of Jesus
by Friedrich

Jesus' Proclamation of
the Kingdom of God
by Johannes Weiss

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Anthropology of the Old Testament
Hans Walter Wolff
Sigler Press  0-9623642-9-0     1996
Paperback - 308pp

"Wolff has succeeded in presenting more fully and more clearly than any previous scholar the rich and varied testimony of the O. T. concerning the meaning of man."
Phyllis Bird, Perkins Journal


$24.00 $19.20
Formation of the Christian Bible, The
Hans von Campenhausen
Sigler Press  1-888961-02-3     1997
Paperback - 342pp

"The central theme of Von Campenhausen's account of the formation of the two part canon rests in the .... historical process, the problem of the Christian canon, the pressures which motivated and the resistances which obstructed its emergence, the outcome of the controversies and the theological significance of that outcome."


$22.00 $17.60
Jesus' Proclamation of the Kingdom of God
Johannes Weiss
Sigler Press  1-888961-09-0     1999
Paperback - 160pp

An essential element in the foundation for twentieth-century research on the teaching of Jesus, this landmark column cannot be overlooked by anyone wishing maturely to assess the work of scholars from Albert Schweitzer to the members of the Jesus Seminar."
J. Louis Martyn


$18.00 $10.80
Justification by Faith: A Matter of Death and Life
Gerhard O. Forde
Sigler Press  0962364258     1991
Paperback - 103pp

This fresh appropriation of the confessional witness contributes not only to an enhanced understanding of Reformation teachings, but also to an ecumenical dialogue that is zeroing in more closely on the catholic provenance and current vitality of the Augsburg Confession.


$14.00 $11.20
Life of Jesus Critically Examined
David F. Strauss
Sigler Press  0-9623642-6-6     1994
Paperback - 816pp

Few books are revolutionary in their impact, but Strauss' Life of Jesus Critically Examined is surely one of them.  When first published, it caused a sensation, and cost him his career as a theologian, because it seemed to make solid historical knowledge of Jesus impossible.  Consequently, in one way or another all subsequent "Lives of Jesus" are attempts, acknowledged or not to confirm, correct, or refute Strauss' analysis of the Gospel evidence.


$30.00 $24.00
Life of Jesus, The
Friedrich Schleiermacher
Sigler Press  1-888961-04-X     1997
Paperback - 542pp

"Schleiermacher's Life of Jesus holds a special place among the major milestones in the long quest for the historical Jesus"
B. A. Gerrish

Along with the lectures themselves, this book contains a critical introduction and valuable annotations in which the editor relates Schleiermacher's thought to his 19th century context and to present theological discussion.


$28.00 $22.40
Luther & The Old Testament
Heinrich Bornkamm
Sigler Press  0-9623642-8-2     1997
Paperback - 320pp

".... Heinrich Bornkamm has summed up Luther's work with the Old Testament in such a comprehensive manner that no other summary is needed ..."
Eric W. Gritsch


$22.00 $17.60
Luther's Thought: Essays on the Development of Luther's Thought on Justice, Law & Society
F. Edward Cranz
Sigler Press  1-888961-01-5     1997
Paperbck - 210pp

"... Cranz offers much more than a monograph on the themes justice, law, and society in Luther's thought.  Indeed, he has constructed a major developmental analysis of the structure of Luther's theology."
Scott Hendrix


$19.00 $15.20
Martin: God's Court Jester: Luther in Retrospect
Eric W. Gritsch
Sigler Press  0-9623642-1-5     1991
Paperback - 289pp

"Gritsch has provided us with a full-scale, one-volume biography of Luther.  The work is meticulously documented and the bibliography ... will alone warrant the price of the book."
Roland H. Bainton





Orthodoxy and Heresy in Earliest Christianity
Walter Bauer
Sigler Press  0-9623-6427-4     1996
Paperback - 352pp

"Bauer's Orthodoxy and Heresy has established itself as a classic refutation of the 'myth' that 'in the beginning' orthodoxy was there first and heresy was a deviation from the norm.   Whatever one thinks of the thesis, one cannot bypass Bauer on early heresy any more than one can bypass Bultmann on Form Criticism or Harnack on the development of dogma.   Today, it remains a good introduction to Christianity at the end of the first and the beginning of the second century."
Gerald Christianson


$26.00 $20.80
Paul and Rabbinic Judaism: Some Rabbinic Elements in Pauline Theology
W. D. Davies
Sigler Press  1-888961-06-6     1998
Paperback - 456pp
Sigler Press  1-888961-07-4     1998
Cloth-Bound - 456pp

"For two hundred years modern New Testament scholars presented Paul in theological opposition to Rabbinic Judaism.  Their claims were based on their ignorance of rabbinic literature.   A true scholar of Rabbinic Judaism as well as Paul, W. D. Davies presents an extraordinarily original argument in Paul and Rabbinic Judaism that has revolutionalized the field.  He demonstrates affinities and influences between Paul and the rabbis that will forever change the way we understand the origins of Christianity.   Since this book the New Testament can never be read in the same way again."
Susannah Heschel


Paper - $29.00
Cloth - $45.00
Paper - $23.20
Cloth $36.00
Paul and the Thessalonians: The Philosophic Tradition of Pastoral Care
Abraham J. Malherbe
Sigler Press 1-888961-13-9    2000
Paperback - 124 pp

Malherbe's book is a fascinating attempt to bridge the gap between New Testament scholarship and the discipline of pastoral care.  As Malherbe unpacks Paul's motives and techniques in addressing the first century church at Thessalonica, the reader gains insight into the foundation, care, and feeling of religious communities . . . The volume is a gold mine of insight into the problems of establishing and nurturing a Christian community.  As an expert in both the New Testament and the sociology of the Roman world, Malherbe has succeeded in shedding fresh light on the issues and tactics involved in Paul's writing of 1 Thessalonians.
John Paulien


$16.00 $12.80
Perspectives on Paul
Ernst Kasemann
Sigler Press  1-888961-00-7      1996
Paper - 184pp

"... In these pieces, his theological penetration of Paul's thought enables him to expose the pertinence of the Apostle's thought and to assess as well the consequences of alternative construals of Paul. .... The work of every series student of Paul's theology can be challenged and enriched by these perceptive essays."
Leander E. Keck


$19.00 $15.20
Preaching Law and Gospel
Herman G. Stuempfle
Sigler Press  0-9623642-2-3     1991  Paperback - 106pp

"Offered here are ways to proclaim forgiveness, reconciliation, certitude, homecoming, and hope that give new voice to the classic theology of the Reformation."
Richard L. Thulin


$14.00 $11.20
School of Saint Matthew, The: And Its Use of the Old Testament
Krister Stendahl
Sigler Press  09623642-3-1     1991
Paperback - 249pp
Sigler Press  09623642-4-X     1991
Cloth-Bound - 249pp

"... Stendahl shows that the author of this early Christian gospel is heavily indebted to a school tradition, shared by both Jews and Christians, in which Greek traditions of texts from the Hebrew Bible were carefully revised and interpreted."
Helmut Koester


Paper -  $21.00
Cloth - $29.00
Paper - $16.80
Cloth - $23.20
Studies in Luke-Acts
Leander E. Keck, J. Louis Martyn, ed
Sigler Press  1-888961-08-2     1999
Paperback - 316pp

"Studies in Luke-Acts will give newcomers a succinct review of the positions from and against which more recent scholarship has reacted, together with intimations of approaches now flourishing."
Richard Pervo


$24.00 $19.20
Studies in the Acts of the Apostles
Martin Dibelius
Sigler Press  1-888961-10-4     1999
Paperback - 240pp

Dibelius' "... analysis of the summaries and speeches in Acts are classic and point to a way of reading Acts that has now become standard.  With Cadbury and Dupont, Dibelius is required reading for any serious student of Acts."
Luke T. Johnson


$22.00 $17.60
Trumpet in Darkness, A: Preaching to Mourners
Robert Hughes
Sigler Press  1-888961-05-8     1997
Paperback - 110pp

This practical book focuses on the proclamation of the gospel to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one through death.  Robert E. Hughes proposes a model for designing funeral sermons that help preachers help mourners face, understand, and cope with their loss, and that at the same time, sound the trumpet of hope.


$14.00 $11.20

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