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The Life of Jesus
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                                         The Life of Jesus
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Jesus' Proclamation of
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by Johannes Weiss

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Luther and the Old Testament:
by Heinrich Bornkamm
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Paperback - 307 pp
ISBN 09623642-8-2
Sigler Press

Editorial Review

Is there a place in current reading for this book written half-a century ago, a book that admittedly shocks current sensibilities, especially in its tone of speaking of "the Jews"?  The answer is a resounding YES, for only here in English can one get this rich and detailed sense of Luther's extensive and creative life-long work on the translation and exposition of the Old Testament.  The reprint of the Gritsch translation of this splendid work is a cause for rejoicing, for now it is available to a new genderation struggling to understand Professor Luther.

Timothy F. Lull
President and Professor
Pacific Lutheran Seminary
Berkeley, California

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