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The Life of Jesus
Critically Examined

by David Friedrich Strauss
                                         The Life of Jesus
by Friedrich

Jesus' Proclamation of
the Kingdom of God
by Johannes Weiss

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Archaeology of Early Christianity
William H. C. Frend  

080062811X   1996  FORTRESS PRESS   432 pages   new   cloth     

A Chronology of Paul's Life
Robert Jewett  
0800605225   1979   FORTRESS PRESS  170 pages   new   cloth    $18.00 

Anatomy of  the Fourth Gospel - A Study in Literary Design
R. Alan Culpeppe
0800621026   1983   FORTRESS PRESS  278 pages   new   cloth

Climax of the Covenant, The - Christ and the Law in Pauline Theology
N. T. Wright

080062632X   1991   FORTRESS PRESS   330 pages   new   cloth

Dirt, Greed and Sex - Sexual Ethics in the New Testament and Their Implications for Today
L. William Countryman

0800608879   1989   FORTRESS PRESS   302 pages   new   cloth

Early Arianism - A View of Salvation
Robert C. Gregg and Dennis E. Groh
0800605764   1981   FORTRESS PRESS   225 pages   new   cloth    $23.00

Elijah In Upper Egypt - The Apocalypse of Elijah and Early Egyptian Christianity
David Frankfurter

0800631064   1993   FORTRESS PRESS   400 pages   new   cloth    $26.00

Faith We Confess - An Ecumenical Dogmatics
Jan Milac Lochman

0800607236   1984   FORTRESS PRESS   290 pages   new   cloth    $20.00

Gentiles, Jews, Christians - Polemics and Apologetics in the Greco-Roman Era
Hans Conzelmann
080062520X   FORTRESS PRESS   1992   424 pages   new   cloth    $24.00

Gospel in Parable,The - Metaphor, Narrative, and Theology in the Synoptic Gospels
John R. Donahue, S.J
0800608526   1988   FORTRESS PRESS   268 pages   new   cloth

History of New Testament Research, Volume I - From Deism to Tubingen
William Baird
0800626265   1992   FORTRESS PRESS   472 pages   new   cloth  

Images of Judaism in Luke-Acts
Joseph B. Tyson
0872497941   SOUTH CAROLINA     1992  230 pages   new   cloth

Jesus and Judaism
E. P. Sanders
0800607430   1986   FORTRESS PRESS   460 pages   new   cloth    $25.00
(no dust jacket)   

Jewish Literature Between The Bible and The Mishnah
George W. E. Nickelsburg

0800619803   1981   FORTRESS PRESS   332 pages   new   cloth    $24.00

Judaic Perspectives on Ancient Israel
Jacob Neusner, Baruch A. Levine, Ernest S. Frerichs, editors
0800608321   1987   FORTRESS PRESS   336 pages   new   cloth    $25.00

Martin Luther - An Introduction to His Life and Work
Bernhard Lohse

0800607643   1986   FORTRESS PRESS   290 pages   new   cloth    $21.00

Paul In His Hellenistic Context
Troels Engberg-Pedersen
, Editor
0800626486   1995   FORTRESS PRESS   366 pages   new   cloth    $24.00

Political Meaning of Christianity - An Interpretation
Glenn Tinder

080711510X   1989   LOUISIANA UNIV.      272 pages   new   cloth

Reclaiming the Jesus of History - Christology Today
A. Roy Eckardt

0800625137   1992   FORTRESS PRESS   310 pages   new   cloth  $18.00      

Rediscovering Paul - Philemon and the Sociology of Paul's Narrative World
Norman R. Petersen
0800607414   1985   FORTRESS PRESS   320 pages   new   cloth    $22.00

Reformation, The  Volumes I (The Setting of the Reformation)& II (The Reformation as a University Movement)
Ernest G. Schwiebert

0800628365   1996   FORTRESS PRESS   622 pages   new   cloth   

Sanctuary of Silence, The - The Priestly Torah and the Holiness School
Israel Knohl
0800627636   1995   FORTRESS PRESS   256 pages   new   cloth    $20.00

Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible
Emanuel Tov
0800626877   1992   FORTRESS PRESS   496 pages   new   cloth    $

Till the Heart Sings - A Biblical Theology of Manhood and Womanhood,  Samuel Terrien
080060752X   1985   FORTRESS PRESS   285 pages   new   cloth    $

Torah, The - Theology and Social History of Old Testament Law
Frank Crusemann
080062856X   1996   FORTRESS PRESS   276 pages   new   cloth    $18.00 (front cover edge dinged)

Working Papers in Doctrine
Maurice Wiles
334018072     1976   SCM PRESS             224 pages   new   cloth    $


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