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The Life of Jesus:
by Friedrich Schleiermacher

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Paperback - 481 pp
ISBN 1888961-04-X
Sigler Press




Friedrich Schleiermacher's importance and influence as the "father of modern theology" has long been recognized.  As the first person to hold public academic lectures on the subject of the life of Jesus, Schleiermacher set the pattern for many of the major trends of the past century and a half in this area of New Testament interpretation.

This book contains the lecture manuscripts from the year 1832 together with a reconstruction of the lectures on the basis of notes taken by his students.  It is significant both as a contribution to the ongoing discussion of the life of Jesus and as a source of illumination about Schleiermacher's christological thought within the framework of his comprehensive interpretation of Christianity.

Along with the lectures themselves, this book contains a critical introduction and valuable annotations in which the editor relates Schleiermacher's thought to his nineteenth-century context and to the present theological discussion.

Editorial Review

The extraordinary flurry of recent attempts to recover the "real" Jesus invites renewed attention to the major milestones in the long quest for the historical Jesus.  Schleiermacher's LIFE OF JESUS holds a special place among them.  The lectures provoked a lively debate about the Christ of faith and the Jesus of history that continues to this day.  Not only teachers in the field of modern religious thought, but anyone interested in the problems of faith and history will be delighted to have them available in English again.

B. A. Gerrish
John Nuveen Professor Emeritus
University of Chicago
Distinguished Service Professor of Theology
Union Theological Seminary in Virginia


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