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Reprint Spotlight:

The Life of Jesus
Critically Examined

by David Friedrich Strauss
                                         The Life of Jesus
by Friedrich

Jesus' Proclamation of
the Kingdom of God
by Johannes Weiss

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Sigler Reprints are discounted 20% in the catalog.  For trade discounts on Sigler Press imprint and contract sales on all other publishers, please write or e-mail Sigler Press.
All other publishers are discounted as listed up to 60% off.

All individual and foreign orders must be accompanied with payment by check, money order, or Visa/Mastercard.  Payment must be made in U. S. dollars.  Credit card orders must include number, expiration date, your name as it appears on the card, and security code as it appears on the back of card adjacent to signature. Also include your phone number with area code..  E-Mail accounts may be set-up for Charge Card payment via mail or phone.

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Professionals who would like to review a Sigler Press imprint may request an examination copy by writing on institutional letterhead to Sigler Press.  An invoice will be enclosed with the requested title at the current catalog discount.  Within 60 days, a payment, or a minimum text adoption of 15 copies, should be made.  No returns.

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