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Preaching Law and Gospel
by Herman G. Stuempfle
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Paperback - 95 pp
ISBN 09623642-2-3
Sigler Press

Editorial Review

In this classic book the renewing winds of the Reformation blow afresh for today's pulpit.  Herman Stuempfle challenges tidy and trivial approaches to preaching with a call for sermons that embody the deep and enduring theological themes of law and gospel.  In Stuempfle's vision, preaching once again becomes both urgent and joyful.

Thomas G. long
Frances Landey Patton
Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship
Princeton Theological Semenary

Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr., claims that preachers are theologians.  In this volume he generates enthusiasm for that task with clarity and insight.  Offered here are ways to proclaim forgiveness, reconciliation, certitude, homecoming, and hope that give new voice to the classic theology of the Reformation.

Richard L. Thulin, Th. D.
Ulrich Professor of the Art of Preaching
Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, PA

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