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Paul and the Thessalonians:
The Philosophic Tradition of Pastoral Care
by Abraham J. Malherbe
List Price: $18.00

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Paperback - 120 pp
ISBN 1888961-13-9
Sigler Press

Editorial Review

It is a delight to read a book so carefully crafted and in its quiet, erudite way so provocative.  Malherbe's work provides evidence to support a growing certainty that the impact of the Hellenistic world on Paul's thinking and that of his churches was more extensive that we have heretofore acknowledged.

Calvin J. Roetzel
Macalester College,
Journal of Biblical Literature

Malherbe's book is a fascinating attempt to bridge the gap between New Testament scholarship and the discipline of pastoral care.  As Malherbe unpacks Paul's motives and techniques in addressing the first century church at Thessalonica, the reader gains insight into the foundation, care, and feeling of religious communities . . . The volume is a gold mine of insight into the problems of establishing and nurturing a Christian community.  As an expert in both the New Testament and the sociology of the Roman world, Malherbe has succeeded in shedding fresh light on the issues and tactics involved in Paul's writing of 1 Thessalonians.

John Paulien
Andrews University
Seminary Studies

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