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Perspectives on Paul
by Ernst Käsemann
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Paperback - 293
ISBN 1-888961-00-7
Sigler Press

Editorial Review
Through epochal books of John, Romans, and Hebrews, Ernst Käsemann exerted a remarkable influence on the theological understanding of the New Testament.  This welcome republication of important studies of Paul reminds us of Käsemann was an unsurpassed master of the essay form as well.  In these pieces, his thrological penetration of Paul's thought enables him to wxpose the pertinence of the Apostle's thougt and to assess as well the consequences of alternative construals of Paul, including Bultmann's and Stendahl's for example.  these studies reward the thoughtful reading that they may require, for they exemplify what perceptive interpretation of Paul entails.  The work of every serious student of Paul's theologycan be challenged and enriched by these perceptive essays.

Leander E. Keck
Winkley Professor of Biblical Theology
Yale Divinity School

This book of essays by the Tübingen scholar deserves reprinting, first, because its author is one of the ablest New Testament interpreters of this century, and second, because of its commitment to the inseparability of the descriptive and constructive tasks.  Finally, the author, with his characteristically aggressive, "gloves off" approach, deserves a hearing with a new generation of readers weary of blandness.

Roy A. Harrisville
Emeritus Prof. N. T.
Luther Seminary, St. Paul

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