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Studies in Luke-Acts
Edited by Leander E. Keck and J. Louis Martyn
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Paperback - 316 pp
ISBN 1-888961-08-2
Sigler Press


Luke-Acts, A Storm Center in Contemporary Scholarship
- W. C. Van Unnik

On the "Paulinism" of Acts
- Philipp Vielhauer

The Perspective of Acts
- Erwin R. Goodenough

Interpreting Luke-Acts in a Period of Existentialist Theology
- Ulrich Wilckens

Four Features of Lukan Style
- Henry J. Cadbury

In Search of the Original Text of Acts
- A. F. J. Klijn

Luke's Use of the Birth Stories
- Paul S. Minear

On Preaching the Word of God (Luke 8:4-21)
- William C. Robinson, jr.

The Story of Abraham in Luke-Acts
-Nils A. Dahl

The Christology of Acts
- C. F. D. Moule

The Concept of the Davidic "Son of God" in Acts and Its Old Testament Background
-Eduard Schweizer

The Missionary Stance of Paul in 1 Corinthians 9 and in Acts
- Günther Bornkamm

Concerning the Speeches in Luke-Acts
- Eduard Schweizer

The Address of Paul on the Areopagus
- Hans Conzelmann

Jewish Christianity in Acts in Light of the Qumran Scrolls
- Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S. J.

The Book of Acts as Source Material for the History of Early Christianity
- Ernst Haenchen

Acts and the Pauline Letter Corpus
- John Knox

Ephesians and Acts
- Ernst Käsemann

Luke's Place in the Development of Early Christianity
- Hans Conzelmann

Editorial Review

By insisting upon a common theme and including material used elsewhere Leander Keck and Louis Martyn violated basic rules for Festschriften.  The result was no dusty repository for a little gem or two but a book worthy of attention after more than three decades.  In their original foreword of this tribute to Paul Schubert the editors expressed the " . . . hope that the volume should reflect the majou contours of present research on the writings of Luke, and at the same time indicate some directions for further labors."  That hope has been fully satisfied.  Studies in Luke-Acts will give newcomers a succinct review of the positions from and against which more recent scholarship has reacted, together with intimations of approaches now flourishing.  The theological analyses may be outmoded in view, but they reflect a depth, power, and acumen deserving emulation.

Richard I. Pervo
Sundet Family Professor of New Testament and Christian Studies
University of Minnesota

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