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The School of St. Matthew:
And Its Use of the Old Testament
by Krister Stendahl
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Paperback - 249 pp
Hardback ISBN 09623942-4-X
Paperback ISBN 09623642-3-1
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Editorial Review

Professor Stendahl's book has been a "classic" for several decades, and it is still indispensable for any serious work on the Gospel of Matthew.  Professor Stendahl shows that the author of this early -- Christian gospel is heavily indebted to a school tradition, shared by both Jews and Christians, in which Greek translations of texts from the Hebrew Bible were carefully revised and interpreted.  Thus, Biblical quotations in Matthew's Gospel are not casual references to proof texts, but constitute the exegetical center of much of the composition of Matthew's Gospel.  At the same time, the close relationship of Christian Biblical exegesis, early Rabbinic textual interpretation and the Dead Sea Scrolls is illuminated in this scholarly masterpiece.

Helmut Koester
John H. Morison Professor of New Testament Studies
and Winn Professor of Ecclesiastical History
at The Divinity School of Harvard University

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