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Paul and Rabbinic Judaism:
Some Rabbinic Elements in Pauline Theology
by W. D. Davies
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Paperback - 403 pp
ISBN 1888961-06-6
Sigler Press

Editorial Review

W. D. Davies's PAUL and RABBINIC JUDAISM was a watershed book fifty years ago, calling interpreters to situate Paul within a properly Jewish context.  Interpreters of the New Testament today sill have much to learn from Davies's deep and sympathetic engagement with Jewish sources.  The publication of this new edition is both an occasion for celebration and an opportunity for New Testament scholars -- and everyone interested in Jewish-Christian dialogue -- to reflect freshly on the grounding of Paul's thought in Isreal's Torah.

Richard B. Hays
Professor of New Testament
Duke University

" . . . (PAUL and RABBINIC JUDAISM) may justly be called one of the few epoch-making books in modern Pauline studies.

N. T. Wright
Dean of Lichfield
Litchfield Cathedral Straffordshire

For two hundred years modern New Testament scholars presented Paul in theological opposition to rabbinic Judaism.  Their claims were based on their ignorance of rabbinic literature.  A true scholar of rabbinic Judaism as well as Paul, W. D. Davies presents an extraordinary original argument in PAUL and RABBINIC JUDAISM that has revolutionized the field.  He demonstrates affinities and influences between Paul and the rabbis that will forever change the way we understand the origins of Christianity. Since this book, the New Testament can never be read the same way again.

Susannah Heschel
Eli Black Professor of Jewish Studies
Dartmouth College

The republication of W. D. Davies's classic, PAUL and RABBINIC JUDAISM, is not only to be welcomed but to be celebrated.  It can easily be said that together together with Krister Stendahl, Davies has produced a revolution in the interpretation of Pauline Christianity, a revolution that is both scholarly and ethical in its implications.  No longer, after Davies and Stendahl, can Paul be presented as a rejector and true critic of all that is rabbinic about Judaism but rather the similarities and differences between the religious attitudes of Paulinism and first-century Pharisaism can be sympathetically and objectively studied.  This is the great achievement of Davies'd work, which makes a brilliant companion volume to Stendahl's book on Matthew in the Sigler Press reprint series.

Daniel Boyarin
University of California, Berkley

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