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Martin - God's Court Jester:
Luther in Retrospect
by Eric W. Gritsch
List Price: Paperback $24.00

Sigler Price: Paperback $19.20 

Paperback - 289 pp
ISBN 09623642-1-5
Sigler Press

Editorial Review

In the sea of Luther studies, this volume stands out as one of the best available in English.  It is a condensed retrospective of the most significant Reformation research of the last decades, and it is clearly written with verve, insight, and humor.


Gritsch has provided us with a full-scale, one-volume biography of Luther.  The work is meticulously documented and the bibliography at the end will alone warrant the price of the book.

Roland H. Bainton

This book will be an invaluable source of information for students of the Lutheran Reformation.  Ecumenists will find in its pages a great resource in their efforts to deal with issues that have been church - divisive.

Carl J. Peter
Catholic University of America

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