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Theology and the Interhuman:
Essays in Honor of Edward Farley
Edited by Robert R. Williams
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Paperback - 271 pp
ISBN 1-56338-127-3
Trinity Press International


1. Good and Evil in Process and Perspective
- John B. Cobb, Jr.

2. Eros and the Truth: Feminist Theory and the Claims of Reality
- Wendy Farley

3. The Face and the Spirit
- Peter C. Hodgson

4. Issues of Good and Evil
- Walter Lowe

5. Beyond Good and Evil: A Conversation about Reality
- Charles E. Scott

6. Tragedy, Totality, and the Face
- Robert R. Williams

7. Farley's Prolegomena to Any Future Historical Theology: Reflections on the Historicality of Theology's History
- James O. Duke

8. A Historical Theologian in Ed Farley's Court
- Jack Forstman

9. Speaking Between Times: Homiletics in a Postmodern World
- David Buttrick

10. Theologia as a Liberation Habitus: Thoughts toward Christian Formation for Resistance
- Mary McClintock Fulkerson

11. New Ground: The Foundations and Future of the Theological Education Debate
- David H. Kelsey and Barbara G. Wheeler

12. A Story of Freedom's Corruption: Sin as a Response to the Human Condition
- Nancy J. Ramsay

13. Dismantling Racism: Strategies for Cultural, Political, and Spiritual Formation
- Sharon D. Welch

14. Response
- Edward Farley


The essays in this volume are intended to recognize, honor, and respond to the multifaceted thought of Edward Farley.  The title for this volume is meant to articulate both a central theme developed in Edward Farley's constructive theology and a broad connection between theology and other concerns: reflective ontology and deconstruction, intersubjectivity, ethics, and social-political criticism of advanced industrial society.  The different voices and levels of concern of the contributors reflect the diverse and wide-ranging character of Farley's work.

In his preface, editor Robert Williams notes that 'Farley's constructive theology was inaugurated in his theological prolegomena, Eccleisal Man (1975), that appropriated not only Husserl's concept of the life-world (Lebenswelt).  The life-world, as the concrete historical a priori underlying theoretical though, is an interhuman domain that is also the locus of faith and ethics.'  Hence the title of this book, Theology and the Interhuman.

The volume consists of four parts: (1) essays on philosophical theology by John B. Cobb, Jr., Wendy Farley, Peter C. Hodgson, Walter Lowe, Charles Scott, and Robert R. Williams; (2) essays on historical theology by James O. Duke and Jack Forstman; (3) essays on practical theology by David Butterick, Mary McClintock Fulkerson, David Kelsey and Barbara Wheeler, Nancy Ramsey, and Sharon D. Welch; and (4) a response to the essays by Edward Farley.

Theology and the Interhuman, then, represents more than a collection of essays in honor of an influential scholar and teacher.  While the various contributions concentrate on historical philosophical theology, theological education, and various areas of practical theology, they do so in a way that continues and expands conversations that have been and will be going on for some time.

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