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The Bible and the Literary Critic
by Amos N. Wilder
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Paperback - 186 pp
ISBN 1-8006-2436-X
Fortress Press

Editorial Review

This book is a delight to read.  In it Wilder's own significant contributions to American biblical scholarship are both extended and recapitulated from new vantage points.   He also offers valuable and stimulating reflections on the course of biblical literary scholarship in this century.  Wilder's book is full of penetrating insights and wise council, aptly and elegantly expressed.

Adela Yarbro Collins
University of Notre Dame

This book is a testament from our culture's senior poet-prophet and biblical scholar.  It offers readers guidance in the labyrinths of meaning that underly sacred texts.  It also testifies to Wilder's devotion to the mythic imagination, the power of metaphor, and the rhetoric of biblical literature.

Wilhelm Wuellner
Pacific School of Religion

Wilder and his work constitute a standard by which to judge our age, and this latest book by him represents, in all sense, enduring criticism.  His long view offers a history of twentieth-century biblical and literary studies by a scholar who definitively marked those studies.  His close-ups give us detailed discussions of texts, genres, and events that have, over the decades, provoked the analytical powers of one of our era's most gifted minds.  Wilder continues in his measured and compassionare way to confront and assess present-day culture.

Robert Detweiler
Emory University

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