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The Social World of the First Christians: Essays in Honor of Wayne A. Meeks
Edited by L. Michael White and O. Larry Yarbrough
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Cloth - 418 pp
ISBN 0-8006-2585-4
Fortress Press


1. Euodia and Syntyche and Paul's Letter to the Philippians
- Nila A. Dahl

2. Christ, the Elements of the Cosmos, and the Law in Galatians
- J. Louis Martyn

3. The Weak and the Strong: Paul's Careful and Crafty Rhetorical Strategy in Romans 14:1-15:3
- J. Paul Sampley

4. Skeuos: A Modest Proposal for Illuminating Paul's Use of Metaphor in 1 Thessalonians 4:4
- Jouette M. Bassler

5. A Support for His Old Age: Paul's Plea on Behalf of Onesimus
- Ronald Hock

6. Paul's Thorn and Cultural Models of Affliction
- Susan R. Garrett

7. Light on Paul from the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs?
- M. de Jonge

8. God's New Family in Thessalonica
- Abraham J. Malherbe

9. Parents and Children in the Letters of Paul
- O. Larry Yarbrough

10. Matthew and the Spirit
- Leander E. Keck

11. The Problem of Perjury in Greek Context: Prolegomena to an Exegesis of Matthew 5:33; 1 Timothy 1:10; and Didache 2.3
- John T. Fitzgerald

12. The Social World of James: Literary Analysis and Historical Reconstruction
- Luke Timothy Johnson

13. The Footwashing in John 13:6-11: Transformation Ritual or Ceremony?
- Jerome H. Neyrey, S. J.

14. Rich and Poor, Proud and Humble in Luke-Acts
- David L. Balch

15. Visualizing the "Real" World of Acts 16: Toward Construction of a Social Index
- L. Michael White

16. The Red Hall in Pergamon
- Helmut Koester

17. On the Nature of Magic: Report on a Dialogue between a Historian and a Sociologist
- Alan F. Segal

18. Greeks Who Sacrifice and Those Who Do Not: Toward an Anthropology of Greek Religion
- Stanley K. Stowers

19. Prolegomena to the Study of Ancient Gnosticism
- Bentley Layton

20. Contesting Abraham: The Ascetic Reader and the Politics of Intertextuality
- Elizabeth A. Clark

21. Augustine's The Spirit and the Letter as a Reading of Paul's Romans
- Paul W. Meyer

22. Sinned We All in Adam's Fall?
- Rowan A. Greer


Important insights into the world of the early Christians have been gained by the framing of new questions informed by the methods of social history.  Wayne A. Meeks is a pioneer in this exciting development, with important contributions in the areas of Johannine studies, Pauline studies, the origins of Christian morality, and other larger themes in the social world of the first Christians more generally.

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