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The Parables of Jesus: In the Light of the Old Testament
by Claus Westermann
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Paperback - 211 pp
ISBN 0800624400
Sigler Press


This new work offers an approach to the parables that had never been attempted before.  Clause Westermann, a renowned Old Testament scholar, beings massive learning to bear upon the parables of the New Testament.

Westermann first discusses the use of parables, simile, metaphor and allegory, especially in the Psalms, the prophets and wisdom literature.  He goes on to show that they are not merely illustrative, but an indispensable element of the wider contexts to which they belong and which are determinative for their exegesis.  Westermann then examines the parables of the gospels and finds them to possess the same general characteristics.  He concludes that the parables must be interpreted as a central aspect of Jesus' pressing message about the approaching kingdom of God.

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