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Luke-Acts and the Jewish People: Eight Critical Perspectives
by Willi Marxsen
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Paperback - 160 pp
ISBN 080662390X


1. The church of Jews and Godfearers
- Jacob Jervell

2. "Glory to Thy People Israel": Luke-Acts and the Jews
- David L. Tiede

3. The Ironic Fulfillment of Israel's Glory
- David P. Moessner

4. The Jewish People in Luke-Acts
- Jack T. Sanders

5. Insider or Outsider? Luke's Relationship with Judaism
- Marilyn Salmon

6. Rejection by Jews and Turning to Gentiles:  The Pattern of Paul's Mission in Acts
- Robert C. Tannehill

7. The Mission to the Jews in Acts: Unraveling Luke's "Myth of the 'Myriads'"
- Michael J. Cook

8. The Problem of Jewish Rejection in Acts
- Joseph B. Tyson

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