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Faith and Process: The Significance of Process Thought for Christian Faith
by Paul R. Sponheim
List Price: Paperback $22.00

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Cloth - 351 pp
ISBN 0806616806
Augsburg Publishing House


"Faith struggles to find words," writes Paul Sponheim.  "This struggle takes place in sermon and Sunday school, in church college and theological seminary.  The words are often new ones, or the paragraphs and patterns in which they are placed are new.  The pastor comes upon a sermon produced only a decade ago and shudders, 'Did I really preach this?'  It was a person of Christian faith who produced those words a few short years ago, and it is a person of Christian faith who expresses dissatisfaction over them now."

"How can this be?"

"It can be," answers Dr. Sponheim, "because faith is in process."

Sponheim presents a method which enhances the appeal of process thought for those who are concerned about the priority of faith over reason.  Not only does he explain Whitehead's thought, but he also analyzes the contributions of other outstanding process theologians such as Hartshorne, Meland, Cobb, Williams, Ogden, Pittenger, and others.  Sponheim shows how the wisdom gained from the intersection of faith and process metaphysics can be practically applied.

Editorial Review

Faith and Process performs a distinctive service for process theology and for a large community within the Christian churches stemming from the Reformers where there is a deep suspicion that the use of philosophy is dangerous to the purity of the Word.  Dr. Sponheim forces us to consider more rigorously the respective roles of our biblical faith and our philosophical ideas in shaping our present positions.

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