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Zion's Final Destiny:
The Development of the Book of Isaiah A Reassessment of Isaiah 36-39
by Christopher R. Seitz
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Cloth - 228 pp
ISBN 0-8006-2504-8
Fortress Press


This book stems from reflections on two questions: (1) What were the nature and form of the developing Isaiah traditions in ancient Israel? and (2) Why was the message of an eighth-century prophet extended so dramatically into later periods?

In his reflections on these questions, Christopher Seitz turns his attention to Isaiah 36-39 and the role played by these chapters in the merger of Proto-Isaiah and Deutero-Isaiah.

In this fresh examination of Isaiah 36-39 new conclusions are reached about the status of King Hezekiah in the book of Isaiah and the place of royal theology within First Isaiah traditions.  I have tried to account for the growth of Isaiah traditions under the broad rubric of concern over the destiny of Zion.  Zion's deliverance in 701 ironically created certain theological problems that the extension of Isaiah tradition has sought to probe and resolve.  The thesis pursued here is that the book of Isaiah grew our of a concern to understand and then adumbrate Zion's final destiny.

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