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The Care of the Souls in the Classic Tradition
by Thomas C. Oden
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Paperback - 128 pp
ISBN 0-8006-1729-0
Fortress Press


In this volume Thomas C. Oden examines the pastoral method of Gregory the Great in an attempt to find the way back to the center of pastoral identity.  He discusses the application of Gregory's method to various pastoral care situations and effectively establishes how Gregory anticipates many themes of modern psychotherapy, providing the pastoral caregiver with the rudiments of a model for pastoral-theological integration.

This work stands as a corrective to secularized counseling masquerading as Christian counsel.  It recovers a great mind of the church in Gregory the Great and promotes pastoral-theological-historical integration at a time when pastoral counselors often do not read Scripture and tradition, and theologians downplay the importance of pastoral issues in church history.

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