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The Mother of the Messiah in Judaism:
The Book of Ruth
by Jacob Neusner
List Price: Paperback $14.00

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Paperback - 138 pp
ISBN 1563380617
Trinity Press International


This volume in the Bible of Judaism Library series opens the door to the reading of a classic text, Ruth Rabbah.  The text represents a compilation of exegeses of the biblical Book of Ruth, augmenting and clarifying its meaning.  In addition, this volume:

  • Enables a direct and immediate encounter between the reader and the ancient reader.
  • Affords access to a religious experience born in the same scripture that today's Judaism and Christianity value as God's word.

"In the end," Professor Neusner writes, "Judaism's Messiah was to be a sage, promising not the eschatological forgiveness of sins but the ultimate and entire sanctification of Israel: eternity now, eternity then, with little change from the one time to the other.  In that context, the message of Ruth Rabbah proves both classic and fresh, a reworking of the the received Torah and a renewal of that Torah: so great is the grace that inheres in the Torah that even an outsider of an enemy nation, and even a woman, takes up the critical place in the drama of the coming Messiah."

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