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Text and Reality:
Aspects of Reference in Biblical Texts
by Bernard C. Lategan and Willem S. Vorster
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Paperback - 123 pp
ISBN 0-8006-1514-X
Fortress Press


1. Some unresolved Methodological Issues in New Testament Hermeneutics
- Bernard C. Lategan

2. Meaning and Reference: The Parables of Jesus in Mark 4
- Willem S. Vorster

3. Reference: Reception, Redescription, and Reality
- Bernard C. Lategan

4. Reader-Response, Redescription, and Reference: 'You Are The Man' (2 Sam. 12:7)
- Willem S. Vorster


In these four studies, Bernard C. Lategan and Willem S. Vorster explore some of the most recent developments in the field of biblical interpretation, particularly insights opened up by literary discussions of the relationship between text and reality, between the 'world' created by a written text and the 'real world' as it exists outside of the text.  In literary theory, 'the question is no longer to what extent is there congruence between text and reality, but rather: in what way does the text refer to reality.'

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