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Anthropological Approaches to the Old Testament
Edited by Bernhard Lang
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Paperback - 175pp
ISBN 0-8006-1771-1
Fortress Press


Introduction: Anthropology as a New Model for Biblical Studies
- Bernhard Lang

1. Enslavement and the Early Hebrew Lineage System (1954)
- Franz Steiner

2. The Sin of Cain (1955)
- Isaac Schapera

3. The Hebrew Concept of Corporate Personality: A Re-examination (1970)
- John W. Rogerson

4. Prophecy: The Problem of Cross-Cultural Comparicon (1982)
- Thomas W. Overholt

5. The Social Organization of Peasant Poverty in Biblical Isreal (1983)
- Bernhard Lang

6. The Abominations of Leviticus (1966)
- Mary Douglas

7. One More Time: Leviticus Revisited (1978)
- Michael P. Carroll

8. Genesis Restructured (1977)
- Michael P. Carroll

9. The Logic of Sacrifice (1976)
- Edmund Leach

10. An Interpretation of Sacrifice in Leviticus (1977)
- Douglas Davies


Only in the past two decades have Old Testament scholars begun to acquaint themselves with recent major developments in social anthrolpology.  At the same time, social anthropologists have shown and interest in the Old Testament as a subject for anthropological investigation, and a dialogue has begun to develop between anthropologists and Old Testament specialists.

This book introduces the student to the subject and provides the complete material needed for a course on anthropology and the Old Testament.  In his introduction, Bernhard Lang sketches the main areas and methods of investigation and the developments that have occurred over the past twenty years.  The essays included are all major contributions on key subjects: Isrealite kinship, slavery, the sin of Cain, the dietary laws of Leviticus, the social conditions in the Hebrew village, sacrifice, and prophecy.   All demonstrate that the application of scientific ,ethods to the study of the Old Testament world has greatly contributed to our understanding of its religion, as well as its social and cultural setting.

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