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The Task of Old Testament Theology:
Substance, Methods and Cases
by Rolf P. Knierim
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Paperback - 603 pp
ISBN 0802807151

Editorial Review

Rolf Knierim has long been known as a master of exegetical method.  These essays reveal him as a master practitioner of Old Testament theology -- and a deep spirit.  He reformulates basic problems with a clarity that reinvigorates the discipline. His case studies pursue the presuppositions underlying the ancient texts in magnificent fashion.  This is a book to read and reread.

Raymond C. Van Leeuwen
Eastern College

Rolf Knierim's challenging and provocative text offers practical theologians a much-needed and richly nuanced approach to biblical theology.  Knierim's incisive exegetical skills allow him to uncover fascinating theological  subtleties within texts.  These insights, along with Knierim's dynamic approach to the diverse theologies within the Bible, offer homileticians, religious educators, and scholars in pastoral care and counseling ways of bringing additional vitality and depth to their work with biblical texts.  Given the challenges facing practical theologians as they wrestle with diversity in the church, in the seminary, in academia, and in the world, Knierim's approach to the diversity of theologies within the Bible has a significant contribution to make to many different conversations in practical theology today.

Janet L. Weathers
Princeton Theological Seminary

An effective theology of the Old Testament is urgently needed for bringing humankind to face new perils in the millennium that lies just ahead.  More than a theology of the Old [sic] Testament, it is needed because it directly addresses the concrete problems of human society and cosmic survival.  In this rich book Knierim assesses the progress and the failures of past generations and challenges biblical scholars and theologians to apply authentically biblical concepts and concerns to the constructions of a truly relevant Old Testament theology, the goal of exegesis and the precondition of a valid hermeneutic of sacred scripture.

Simon J. De Vries
Methodist Theological Seminary

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