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The Shape of Q: Signal Essays on the Sayings Gospel
Edited by John S. Kloppenborg
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Paperback - 224 pp
ISBN 0800626001
Fortress Press


- John S. Kloppenborg

1. What the Saying Source Reveals about the Early Church
- Rudolf Bultmann

2. The Synoptic Sayings Source and the Gospel of Thomas
- Helmut Koester

3. Jewish Wisdom Literature and the Gattung, LOGOI SOPHON
- James M. Robinson

4. Q in the History of the Early Church
- Dieter Lührmann

5. Observations on the Son of Man Title in the Speech Source: It Occurrence in Closing and Introductory Expressions
- Heinz Schürmann

6. The Literary Unity of Q
- Arland D. Jacobson

7. Redactional Processes and Changing Settings in the Q-Material
- Dieter Zeller

8. Matthew 7:7-11 par. Luke 11:9-13: Evidence of Design and Argument in the Collection of Jesus' Sayings
- Ronald A. Piper

9. The Formation of Q and Antique Instructional Genres
- John S. Kloppenborg

10. The Shape of the Q-Source
- Migaku Sato


John S. Kloppenborg, one of the most respected scholars on the Sayings Gospel Q, has here selected -- and in several cases translated for the first time into English -- ten key articles from German, British, and North American authors on the literary design and construction of Q.

Q research is now regaining its high profile in Synoptic Gospel scholarship, and Kloppenborg's introduction places the debate in the wider perspective of New Testament research.  The literary-critical focus of the volume sets up a kind of dialogue of the essays and serves as a base for approaching other important questions, such as those about Q's theological place in primitive Christianity and the social history of early Christianity in Galilee.

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