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The Christology of Mark's Gospel
by Jack Dean Kingsbury
List Price: Paperback $17.00

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Paperback - 203 pp
ISBN 0800623371
Fortress Press

Editorial Review

Kingsbury acts as an exemplary pedagogue in this step-by-step exposition.  This reviewer finds his overall argument persuasive.

Gerard S. Sloyan
Temple University

This important work represents a major methodological advance in the study of the Gospels . . . The result is a significant reassessment of Mark's Christology and a stunning, new interpretation of the secrecy motif.

David M. Rhoads
Lutheran School of Theology

Kingsbury provides a novel combination of a titular approach to Markan Christology and a literary critical reading of Mark's Gospel.  By refracting the major titles of majesty through the prism of Mark's story woven around the plot of Jesus' secret identity, Kingsbury produces a lucid, integrated spectrum of Mark's Christology.  Written in Kingsbury's typically cogent, clear, interactive style, this work offers a greatly needed corrective for Mark's Christology(ies) often seen as (intentionally or unintentionally) obtuse and incoherent.

Robert A. Guelich
Fuller Theological Seminary

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