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Women and Goddess Traditions:
In Antiquity and Today
Edited by Karen L. King
List Price: $46.00

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Paperback - 450 pp
ISBN 0-8006-2919-1
Fortress Press


- Karen Jo Torjesen

1. the Goddess and Women's Power: A Hindu Case Study
- Kathleen M. Erndl

2. Glorifying the Great Goddess or Great Woman? Hindu Women's Experience in Ritual Recitation of the Devi-Mahamya
- Cynthia Ann Humes

3. Radha's Audacity in Kirtan Performances and Women's Status in Greater Bengal
- Donna M. Wulff

4. Hindu Women and Ritual Empowerment
- Lina Gupta

5. Worship of Women in Tantric Buddhism: Male Is to Female as Devotee Is to Goddess
- Miranda Shaw

6. Stories of Enlightened Women in Ch'an and the Chinese Buddhist Female Bodhisattva/Goddess Tradition
- Miriam Levering

7. The Queen Mother and the Cult in the Ancient Near East
- Susan Ackerman

8. Queens and Goddesses in Ancient Egypt
- Susan Tower Hollis

9. Transforming Goddess Iconography in Hebrew Narrative
- Eleanor Ferris Beach

10. Wisdom/Sophia, Hellenistic Queens, and Women's Lives
- Hal Taussig

11. The Rise and Fall of Female Reproductive Control as Seen through Images of Women
- Savina J. Teubal

12. The Strange Woman of Proverbs: A Study in the Feminization and Divinization of Evil in Biblical Thought
- Claudia V. Camp

13. Carrying Water in a Sieve: Class and the Body in Roman Women's Religion
- Amy Richlin

14. Goddesses and the Lives of Women
- Judith Ochshorn

15. Some Buddhist Perspectives on the Goddess
- Rita M. Gross

16. Missing Goddesses, Missing Women: Reflections of Middle-Aged Amazon
- Emily Erwin Culpepper

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