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The Wandering People of God: An Investigation of the Letter to the Hebrews
by Ernst Käsemann
List Price: Paperback $20.00

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Paperback - 255 pp
ISBN 0806623160
Augsburg Publishing House


This is the first appearance in English of an early work by Ernst Käsemann, a pioneer of modern New Testament scholarship.  This classic study of the wandering people theme in Hebrews is carried our from the perspective of Gnosticism and Hellenistic religiosity.  In addition, it is a comment on modern history.

The original publication in German came at a critical time -- the Nazi era.  Käsemann writes:

"By describing the church as the new people of God in its wandering through the wilderness, following the Pioneer and Perfecter of faith, I of course had in mind that radical Confessing Church which resisted the tyranny in Germany, and which had to be summoned to patience so that it could continue its way through endless wastes."

The translators offer this study as a labor of love in the hope "that this early work of a master of biblical interpretation will delight old friends and enlist admirers from a new generation of readers."

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