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The Beloved Disciple
by James H. Charlesworth
List Price: $30.00

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Hardback - 481 pp
ISBN 1-56338-135-4
Trinity Press International

Editorial Review

The enigma of the identity of the Beloved Disciple in John's Gospel has engaged and perplexed many great minds from classical antiquity until today.  They have proposed a plethora of solutions, covered comprehensively by Professor Charlesworth.  The hypothesis he advances is novel, courageous, and adventurous, but ably supported by detailed scholarly exegesis.  All students of the New Testament, and in particular of the Fourth Gospel and its interpretation, will find it exciting reading.

Hugh Anderson
University of Edinburgh

Like Martin Hengel, James H. Charlesworth has revived the question of authorship, which after all plays a prominent role in the Gospel of John itself.   Charlesworth's resolution of the problem is innovative and, indeed, startling; and, as his review of scholarship shows, almost unprecidented.  Yet informed readers will find that there is more to be said for his proposal than they would have previously imagined.

D. Moody Smith
Duke University Divinity School

Professor Charlesworth has written the standard work on the Beloved Disciple, to which others will have to be accountable.  His re-reading of John in a highly original way produces a provocative and controversial thesis but one that is nevertheless thoroughly sustainable.  His is the most creative treatment of this question to come along in modern scholarship.

Walter P. Weaver
Florida Southern College

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