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Moses or Jesus: An Essay in Johannine Christology
by Marie-Emile Boismard
List Price: Paperback $16.00

Sigler Price: Paperback $9.00 

Paperback - 143 pp
ISBN 0800627512
Fortress Press


In distinction from those who would locate the Christianity of John in a broad Hellenistic context, Marie-Emile Boismard finds Old Testament motifs to be determinative, especially John's emphasis on the prophet-like-Moses and divine Wisdom.

Editorial Review

Moses or Jesus is an intellectual odyssey.  The reputation of this small book will be far out of proportion to its size.  It is a model of lucid scholarship.

R. Alan Culpepper

Boismard is one of the premier Johannine scholars of this century.  It may fall to us to mine this rich and provocative work on Christology to color and support the history we detect [in the Gospel of John].

Raymond E. Brown, S.S.

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