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Greeks, Romans, and Christians: Essays in Honor of Abraham Malherbe
Edited by David L. Balch, Everett Ferguson, Wayne A. Meeks

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Cloth - 400 pp
ISBN 0-8006-1978-1
Fortress Press



1. Heracles and Christ: Heracles Imagery in the Christology of Early Christianity
- David E. Aune

2. A Dog in the Manger: The Cynic Cynulcus among Athenaeus's Deipnosophists
- Ronald F. Hock

3. Stoics and Early Christians on Blessedness
- Willem S. Vorster

4. The Areopagus Speech: An Appeal to the Stoic Historian Posidonius against Later Stoics and the Epicureans
- David L. Balch

5. 1 Corinthians 13: Paul as Apostolic Paradigm
- Carl R. Holladay

6. The God of This World and the Affliction of Paul: 2 Cor 4:1-12
- Susan R. Garrett

7. Acts 17, Epicureans, and Theodicy: A Study in Stereotypes
- Jerome H. Neyrey

8. Passion in Paul and Plutarch: 1 Corinthians 5-6 and the Polemic against Epicureans
- Benjamin Fiore

9. Brotherly Love in Plutarch and in 4 Maccabees
- Hans-Josef Klauck

10. Was Barnabas a Chiliast? An Example of Hellenistic Number Symbolism in Barnabas and Clement of Alexandra
- Everett Ferguson

11. Narrative Models for Imitation in Luke-Acts
- William S. Kurz

12. Paul, the Ancient Epistolary Theorists, and 2 Corinthians 10-13
- John T. Fitzgerald

13. Morality between Two Worlds: A Paradigm of Friendship in Philippians
- L. Michael White

14. An Aristotelian Rhetorical Analysis of 1 Thessalonians
- Thomas H. Olbricht

15. The Beginnings of the Church at Thessalonica
- Dieter Lührmann

16. Paul on the Use and Abuse of Reason
- Stanley K. Stowers

17. Sarah's Seminal Emission: Hebrews 11:11 in the Light of Ancient Embryology
- van der Horst, Pieter Willem

18. The Circle of Reference in Pauline Morality
- Wayne A. Meeks

19. I Paul Developing a Specifically Christian Ethics in Galatians?
- Bernhard C. Lategan

20. Taciturnity and True Religion: James 1:26-27
- Luke Timothy Johnson

21. Rachel's Virtuous Behavior in the Testament of Issachar
- Marinus de Jonge

22. Melikertes at Isthmia: A Roman Mystery Cult


This book extends scholarship on the origin and development of Christian ideas in the Greco-Roman world.  An international group of scholars focuses on th interaction between Greco-Roman culture and early Christianity, especially as that interaction involves Hellenistic philosophy, literature, rhetoric, anthropology, ethics, and urban life.


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