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Luther's Earliest Opponents: Catholic Controversies 1518-1525
by David V. N. Bagchi

List Price: Paperback $32.00
Our Price: Paperback $19.00

Cloth - 305 pp
ISBN 080062517X
Fortress Press



David V. N. Bagchi provides a new perspective on the Reformation that challenges many accepted interpretations.

The Reformation would have been less likely to have proceeded had it not been for the reaction of the Roman church to the teachings of Martin Luther and the legal process that led to his condemnation as a heretic.

David V. N. Bagchi's book gives for the first time a detailed account of the response to Luther by Catholic writers, such as King Henry VIII, Sir Thomas More, Johann Eck, and Thomas Murner.

This book explores the theological, philosophical, and ecclesio-political factors that motivated these opponents' opposition, their relationship to the curia, and their attempts to organize themselves into the propaganda arm of the Roman church.

Editorial Review

David Bagchi's book is the first work comprehensively to describe and analyze the writings of Luther's Catholic opponents during the crucial early years of the Lutheran Reformation.  He has taken on a significant topic and done a superb job explicating it.  With great clarity and acumen he manages to lay out the controversialists' concerns on a variety of topics and show how all these topics converge on the issue of authority.  His judgments, I think, are sound and persuasive.  This is an extraordinarily accomplished piece of work.

Mark U. Edwards, Jr.
Harvard Divinity School

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