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A History of Christianity: From the Beginnings to the Threshold of the Reformation and From the Reformation to the Present  (2 Volumes)
by Kurt Aland

List Price: Cloth $70.00
Our Price: Cloth $38.00

Cloth - (vol 1) 474 pp
ISBN 0800607252 (vol 1)
Fortress Press


Volume 1


"It has always been a risk to attempt a total presentation of the church's history."  Nevertheless, in answer to his own challenge, Kurt Aland here presents the total sweep of church history in its most seminal period.  Striving to "stem the frightening decline of historical consciousness," Aland paints for the contemporary reader a lively picture of the history of Christianity.  Based on extensive discussion of the church's development to the time of the Reformation succeed in being at once bold, original, and unified.  The book contains an eminently useful chronological table which depicts parallel events in secular political history, the external history of Christianity, the internal history of Christianity, and the intellectual/cultural developments of the secular realm.  This is in line with Aland's belief that "it is not knowledge of historical details which is important, but understanding the contexts in which they belong.


List Price: Cloth $70.00
Our Price: Cloth $38.00

Cloth - 618 pp
ISBN 0800607597
Fortress Press


Volume 2


While history may repeat itself, Kurt Aland does not.  In this monumental continuation of A History of Christianity, Volume 1: From the Beginnings to the Threshold of the Reformation, Aland presents "a history of Christianity which treats simultaneously its worldwide spread as well as its various manifestations."  Focusing on the time period from the Reformation to the present, Aland's account is at once unified, original, and incisive.  He illuminates "the significant effect the past has had on the present" while offering a lively sense of the history of Christianity to contemporary readers.


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